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Sebring + sport cc holder


Sebring Sebring Sebring Sebring


The Sebring carbon fiber money clip is light as a feather but just as strong as the Le Mans.  The Sport Credit Card Holder with six card slots is included with every Sebring money clip.

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If you choose to use the Sport credit card holder with the Sebring money clip, it is recommended to keep at least one monetary bill between the credit card holder and money clip for optimal use.  The Sebring clips have a maximum capacity of forty bills, one credit card holder and eight cards.  Exceeding the maximum can cause the clips to lose their tension over time.

Watch the video - "How it Works" - to view a demonstration and become an expert at using the last money clip you will buy.  Ever.

Weight: .3 ounces


L.  3 1/8 inches

W.  1 inch

H.  3/4 inch - space between curve

Includes a limited lifetime warranty and can be used with or without one of the credit card holders